Lazy Gooseneck Phone/Tablet Holder

Phone Mount

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The Greatest Invention... Ever!

Have you ever wondered why you were born with arms? If you're like me, you've probably asked yourself, "What is the purpose of having arms if I need to use effort and energy to hold my electronic device up?"

Haven't you ever just wished there was some magical device that could hold your phone/tablet in place so that you can pursue your true calling in life instead? (And by true calling I mean laying in bed all day watching Netflix and YouTube videos.)

Well, have no fear, the Lazy Gooseneck is here. Compatible with any device that's between 3.5in and 10.5in wide/tall, this mount gives you true freedom and breaks you out from the limitations of only owning 2 arms.

Basically, this is the greatest invention to ever exist. More important than the printing press, more important than electricity, and more important than life itself.

This Lazy Gooseneck will change the way you live your life... it's a new paradigm shift, if you will. Think about it. You can now lay in bed, watch your favorite YouTube, AND eat a bag of chips... with BOTH hands. No need to hold the phone in one hand and only have one hand available to devour your favorite bag of chips. No, you can use both hands for full efficiency. 

Now, you might be wondering, "What kind of monster eats a bag of chips in bed?" Well, a monster who owns a LAZY GOOSENECK does!

Plus, these also work perfect as gifts... or for using to smack someone in the head with! The uses are practically limitless! (Disclaimer: The uses are not actually limitless. Besides using it for holding your phone/tablet, there's not much use for it.)

So get yours today!

  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Compatibility: Works with devices that are between 3.5in to 10.5in wide/tall (basically, it works with almost any modern phone or tablet)
  • Can be positioned for whatever angle viewing you need
  • 1 x Lazy Gooseneck Mount

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