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Everyone loves their doggos and puppers, but there's always one thing that every dog owner hates... and that is... PICKING UP THEIR GOSH DANG DOO-DOO.

Let's be real, we've all been wishing for some type of device that could magically make poop disappear once it comes out of our dogs' anuses. Unfortunately, we aren't living in the year 3018 yet.

HOWEVER, we've found the next best thing. And that is... the Piqapoo!

The Piqapoo is a soft silicone-cushioned clip and disposable bag device that can be safely & comfortably attached to your dog's tail to catch their droppings.

Simply place the Piqapoo on your dog's tail before you go out for a walk, wait for your dog to poop, then just unclip the device and press a single button to dispose of the bag. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. No mess, no leak, and most importantly, no having to pick it up the droppings with a makeshift bag glove thingy. Look ma, no hands!


  • Soft, silicone-cushioned clip allows the Piqapoo to stay attached safely and comfortably to your dog's tail.
  • Easily fits dogs of all sizes.
  • So light and comfortable your dog won't even feel it!
  • The bags are made of thin plastic which is light yet durable enough to prevent leakage, not bulky for the dog, and with an opaque nylon bag that conceals the feces from view.
  • Comes with 20 bags.
  • Also works great for the vision-impaired & service dogs!

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